Injectable packing
injectable packing
injectable Suggested Price: $400
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Category: High Pressure

Brief Description:
Injectable packing for high pressure pumps and valves

Full Description:
Style 25 Injectable Packing
Name: Style 25
Color: Black\Grey
Size: 2.2 lb. Can
Weight: 2.2 lbs
Shipping: $15
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High Pressure Injectable Packing

Item# Part number  Size


0673-29-0000-06 2.2 lb can Can
$  206.00


0673-29-0000-09 11 lb can Can
$ 1,030


0673-29-0000-10 22 lb can Can
$ 2,059

Style 25 Injectable packing is an ideal solution to replace braided pump packing. Is a high performance, chemically resistant Injectable Packing w/bearing pellets used for the toughest applications. The bearing pellets act as anti-extrusion devices helping to resist extrusion and providing superior performance in high pressure applications.

The key advantage is when a pump begins leaking it can be resealed without stopping the pump. Connect the injection gun and add injectable packing until the leak stops, and your done!

Injection gun
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