Tadpole Tapes

Don’t get burned by inferior materials.  We offer quality American made fiberglass and silica tapes (including dropwarp), tadpole and custom shapes.

Tadpole Tapes

Seal Products

Not all applications can be sealed using traditional gasket materials or o-rings.  The difference between a company that specializes in a full range of sealing products and a warehouse company shows when there is is a full product line. Not all doors can be sealed using traditional o-rings or gasket materials, especially if heat or extreme cold is concerned.  Tadpole tapes can made using silica for applications up to 2300 F and have Inconel mesh cores to provide strength and recovery.  At AS&P we provide solutions to sealing problems.

Tadpole tapes

We Custom manufacture to a variety of configurations to meet a wide range of service conditions. Our tadpole tapes are resilient, non-absorbent gasketing tapes formed by wrapping heat-resistant cores with specially treated cover materials. Edges are stitched or cemented together forming the tail structure.

Tadpole tapes provide effective sealing on light metal flanges or where limited bolting force is available. Because of their softness and conformability, they are especially suited for applications where closures rest on the packing bulb.

Available in conventional construction for steam service and with core materials of Inconel® or stainless steel mesh cable: jackets available with coatings of neoprene, silicone, or with impregnation of PTFE.

tadpole tapes

Tadpole Tapes / Bulb diameters from 3/8″ and up

c radial tail

Conventional - Radial tail

round no tail

Round - no tail

tangential tail

Tangential tail

double tail

Double tangential tail

Textile Tapes


We stock tapes in multiple materials, thicknesses and widths.  Fiberglass is the most common but we also offer multiple grades of silica for temperatures up to 2300 F (1260 C).

Tadpole Tapes


Tadpole tapes can be made with or without a tail, or tangential as shown in the images above.  Often used to seal doorways of high-temperature applications.

Fiberglass tape with Pressure sensitive Adhesive

Tape with Adhesive

Wrapping your hot pipes with an insulating fiberglass tape just got easier.  Peel and stick your fiberglass tape to those boiler room pipes for safety in the workplace.

Custom made shapes

AS&P also can provide custom-stitched shapes from Fiberglass or Silica materials. Sometimes a piece of equipment such as an actuator or valve needs to be protected from extreme heat.  We can sew fiberglass or silica into the shape of your specification.


What options are available in your tadpole tapes?

The first decision is based on the temperature the textile will be exposed to.  Temperature determines is E-Fiberglass and high-grade silicone, Extruded Rubber, Amorphous silica or basalt should be used.  Secondly what type of reinforcement should be used. Inconel is the toughest but not always required. the core of a tadpole bulb can be fiberglass, silica, or Inconel. For added heat resistance coatings can be added including Vermiculite, PTFE, Graphite Saturant, and silicone.

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