Spiral Wounds 

When sealing applications over 150 PSI Semi-metallic based gaskets provide the extrusion resistance required. Spiral wound gaskets are stocked in standard sizes in 150, 300, 600, 900 and 2500 lb pressure classes. We also provide custom dimension spirals.


Spiral Wound

Style ASP-CG Spiral wound gaskets are ideal for high temperature & pressure. The ASP-CG style uses a 1/8 external ring centers the gasket on the flange face. Other styles use inner rings to contain vacuum or no containment / alignment wings (winding only gaskets) for low pressure, or to drop into a flange grove.

American Seal and Packing is a leading manufacturer & distributor of cut gaskets and spiral wound gaskets. We Specialize in fluid sealing products of all types including quality o-rings, mechanical seals, flexible graphite sets, molded rubber, machined PTFE, etc. We provide innovative solutions to sealing problems.

Unlike most seal distributors we have a network of factory warehouses around the world and can provide spiral wound gaskets to most major markets.

spiral wound gaskets and materials
spiral wound gaskets

A complete range of sizes in stock

Spiral Wound Gaskets for High Temperature and High Pressure

Gaskets Engineered for: Pumps and Valves, Large Diameter Gaskets – Tongue and groove Industrial applications of all types.

Materials Available: Filler Materials: Non-Asbestos, PTFE, Flexible Graphite, Ceramic

Windings Strips: 304, 316 Stainless are most common. We also offer all the materials on the below index of color coded spiral wound gaskets.

Guide Ring Materials: Carbon Steel is standard. Other materials available include: most stainless grades,Titanium ®, Nickel, Alloy 20, and Hastalloy ® Inconel ®, and Monel ®.

ASME / ANSI B 16.5 & BS 1560 Flange style gaskets are available in 150# through 2500# pressure designs.

Kamm Profile Gaskets

Kammprofile Gaskets

A solid metal core with concentric serrations makes these gaskets strong.  In applications where windings are prone to movement, breakage or collapsing Kammprofile gaskets are the solution. Excellent in vacuum to high pressure applications.

Spiral wound color chart

RTJ Gakets

Ring Type Joint gaskets are solid metal rings that provide a metal to metal seal.  Generally used in high-pressure applications.  Shapes include Oval, Octagonal, BX and RX API designs.

Spiral Wound Gaskets

Are there other metal gasket types?

Spiral wound gaskets have been around for a long time, and are a proven safe technology. However, like any industry there are new products available that can do as good or even better in critical services.  Kamm profile gaskets and RTJ (Ring type joint) gaskets are converting over long time spiral wound customers.  We offer them too!

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