Seal Dimensions 16

1-7/16″ (1.437″) SHAFT (continued) to 1-1/2″


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Why can’t I use the same mechanical seal in multiple pumps?

From an inventory standpoint, it’s always ideal to standardize on one seal for each pump with the same shaft size. We can help you do so, and it can save you a lot of time and money.  To begin with, if you have multiple brands of pump it may take a bit more homework. You could easily use the same rotaries, but the seats could have different outside dimensions. Seats must have an interference fit with the bore. So, you may have to stock the correct seats for each pump.  If the stuffing box depth on the pumps differ, you will need a “lock collar” to correctly locate your seal on the deeper stuffing box pump shaft.  An alternative is to use our MP-60 seal inline multi-spring mechanical seal that has set screws built into it and is field repairable.


1-7/16″ (1.437″) SHAFT (continued) to 1-1/2″

single spring mechanical seal dimensions 16

Mechanical seal dimensions

Seal Material Codes


  1. Mounts on shaft
  2. Tappered spring
  3. EPR should not be used with Petroleum based products
  4. With cup mount seat
  5. Lock collar sold seperately
  6. Seat is slotted
  7. Spring holder not included

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