Seal Dimensions 15

1-3/8″ (1.375″) SHAFT to 1-7/16″


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Should I be concerned about the seal spring design?

On occasion we get asked why our spring is longer/shorter has a thicker or thinner coil, or has more or fewer turns than the mechanical seal being replaced. Mechanical seal springs are engineered to give you the originally designed working length. These seals have been on the market since the 40’s and 50’s so the design is proven. From an engineering standpoint there are multiple ways to arrive at a given working length. A thinner spring will generally be longer and have more turns. A thicker spring will often be shorter and have fewer turns. The net effect is the same. The most important factor is to have a right-hand turn spring seal replace a right-hand turn spring. The same applies for a left-hand turn spring. It’s unusual to get an incorrectly turned spring especially if your ordering using the industry-standard part numbers above.


1-3/8″ (1.375″) SHAFT to 1-7/16″

single spring mechanical seal dimensions 15

Mechanical seal dimensions

Seal Material Codes


  1. Mounts on shaft
  2. Tappered spring
  3. EPR should not be used with Petroleum based products
  4. With cup mount seat
  5. Lock collar sold seperately
  6. Seat is slotted
  7. Spring holder not included

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