Seal Dimensions

With thousands of variations of the same seal, getting the right seal can be as simple as providing the industry standard part number for that seal. If you don’t know the standard the links from this page will help you to figure it out.

There is no sealing device more expensive than a cheap one.

We are unique.  Most distributors are tied to one major line and promote only that line.  We offer multiple lines because no one sealing company is good at, or most cost effective in all the product segments they offer. Let us help you get the most for your money.

Mechanical Seals

A common question is what seal face combination is best for my application?

The choice of seal faces is diverse and can be tricky.  Not all seal faces can run against each other.  The wrong combination can squeal like a pig, generate heat or pre-maturely wear. Seal face combinations do range from the inexpensive carbon Vs. ceramic (which can last 20 years in clean water) to Expensive TC vs. TC which will last 5 x longer and makes sense in abrasive applications.  We can help you make the most economical, long-lasting choice.

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