Seal Repair Examples

Our mechanical seal or theirs, we can fix them!


Seal Repair Examples

Below are examples of our work.

seal repairs

A typical metal bellows seal in for repair

This high temperature metal bellows seal came from a refinery service application. In most cases seal repairs make sense. In general a seal repair cost is 50% of the price of a new seal.

mechanical seal repairs

Half the price of a new seal

We take pride in using only the finest grades of materials. Each seal is cleaned with an ultrasonic washer, evaluated for repair, quoted (at no charge), and resorted with new faces or simply lapped and polished (if determined to have only surface wear).

seal repairs

Typical mechanical seals for repair

We get beat up and abused seals in boxes and even burlap sacks. We then clean, evaluate, quote, and repair the seals to like new condition.

mechanical seal repair

Yes, this is one of the seals on the rework table!

This seal received a new carbon, new o-rings and new set screws and springs. Cleaned lapped and polished to purfection.

Mechanical Seals

Do I repair my existing seal, or do I replace it with a new seal?

To determine if it’s wise to invest in repairing your current seal or replace it with a new seal, the first question you must ask is how long did my seal last?  If the seal lasted 5 or more years, it’s likely best to just repair the seal. If however the seal only lasts 6 months or less, then it’s probably the wrong seal design for the job.  Mechanical seals can last 20 years, in fact, they often do in water pumps. If a seal is not holding up, it is usually due to one of 3 causes; heat, chemicals or abrasives.  In some cases, an existing seal design can be upgraded in the materials of construction to be resistant to abrasives, chemicals or temperature. We can help you make that determination based on the type of mechanical seal you have. 

If you would like a free quote on repairing your mechanical seals to like new conditon, send your seals to the address below.

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