Expanded PTFE Joint Sealant

PTFE is expanded to make a soft and conformable Joint Sealant that seals faster and with less cold flow than regular PTFE. It has a peel and stick adhesive backing on one side to make installation easy. This expanded PTFE (EPTFE), can be used on flanges by overlapping at one point. Keep a roll of this and never be caught without a gasket. Ideal for use as a gasket in 99% of applications up to 600 F (depending on pressure)

Expanded PTFE
Joint Sealant

  • Chemically compatible
  • Naturally Lubricious
  • “Soft” and FDA Approved
  • Temp Rating to 600 F
  • 0 – 14 Ph
  • Pressure to 3000 PSI
  • P x T of 1,800,000

$61 / Roll.

Round Expanded PTFE Valve Packing

  • Chemically compatible
  • Naturally Lubricious
  • “Soft” and FDA Approved
  • Temp Rating to 600 F
  • Pressure to 2000 PSI Valves
  • 0 – 14 PH

Expanded PTFE
Gasket Material

  • Soft / Conformable
  • Industrial / OEM Grade
  • 100% EPTFE
  • FDA Approved
  • Flexible, Easy to cut
  • Good for temps to 650 F (Peak)
  • Excellent in Cryogenic applications
  • Temp Range 600 F (Continuous)
  • Durlon Style 9600
  • 0-14 pH

Expanded PTFE (EPTFE) is a problem solver


Need to seal glass, ceramic, or other breakable surfaces? Expanded PTFE is like a soft marshmallow, it takes very little pressure to create and maintain a seal (depending on pressure). It’s clean and compatible in potable or food applications, really it seals just about anything.  Installation is simple, and only takes minutes. If the Joint Sealant version of EPTFE it’s just peel and stick it in place.  Problem solved just that easy.

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Can we specify Teflon ePTFE? 

Expanded PTFE can be made from genuine Teflon™  resin.  It would then be genuine expanded Teflon™. To the best of our knowledge, the companies that produce highly fibrillated PTFE have not utilized Teflon Resin. Teflon™ can only be sold by those companies granted a trademark license from Chemours.  Major ePTFE manufacturers such as W. L. Gore do not list Teflon Resin as an ingredient, so we must assume they are not using Chemours™ resin.

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