O-Ring Groove Design Index

If you want your o-rings to seal correctly it is important that the o-ring grove they reside in be properly sized.  This guide will assist you in new designs or determining if the original design was done correctly.


O-Ring Groove Designs

There are many different configurations for o-ring sealing.  While some o-rings are static others need to seal a moving surface (dynamic). That surface can be moving on the inside dimension, the outside dimension, or even a combination. The speed of the movement and the pressure being sealed also help determine the o-ring selection and grove design.

There is no sealing device more expensive than a cheap one.

We are unique.  Most distributors are tied to one major line and promote only that line.  We offer multiple lines because no one sealing company is good at, or most cost effective in all the product segments they offer. Let us help you get the most for your money.

O-Ring Groove Designs

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