O-Ring Groove Designs 5

The difference between the throat diameter and the tube diameter.


O-Ring Groove Designs 5


Figures 23 and 24The difference between the throat diameter and the tube diameter.. Tolerances of the throat diameter and the tube diameter determine the maximum and minimum total diametral clearance gap. These values divided by 2 will give the radial maximum and minimum gaps.

The THROAT (BORE) DIAMETER must be calculated using the minimum clearance gap given in Figure 21 and the maximum clearance gap as shown in Figure 23.

The throat (bore) diameter can be calculated by adding the minimum clearance gap. (Fig. 20) to the maximum tube (rod) dimension. This will give the minimum throat dimension. The maximum throat dimension can be obtained by adding the maximum gap (Fig. 22) to the minimum type (rod) dimension.

By using this method, it allows the use of softer compounds without the possibilities of extrusion.

O-Ring Groove Design 5

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O-Ring Groove Designs

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