O-Ring Groove Designs 3

Correctly designing the clearance gap of a plug will maximize extrusion restriction.


O-Ring Groove Designs 3


The PLUG DIAMETER (H) must be figured using the minimum clearance gap as given in Figure 20 and the maximum clearance gap as shown in Figure 22. The plug diameter can also be calculated by subtracting the minimum gap from the minimum bore giving the maximum plug diameter. The minimum plug diameter can be calculated by subtracting the maximum gap (see Figure 22) from the maximum bore dimension. By using this method, it allows the use of softer compounds without the possibilities of encountering extrusions.

STATIC FEMALE OR TUBE seals (Figure 24) are based upon the following:

  • Throat (Bore) Dimensions (E)
  • Tube Dimensions (c)
  • Groove Dimension (D)
  • Groove Width (G)
O-Ring Groove Design 3

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O-Ring Groove Designs

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