Metal Bellows High Temp Seals

When elastomeric secondary seals will not hold up to the service temperature or chemicals, metal bellows seals with flexible graphite shaft seals are the solution.

Metal Bellows

Mechanical Seals

Mechanical Seals and Gasket Supply is our Specialty. American Seal and Packing is a leading manufacturer & distributor of mechanical seals, Grafoil, gasket material, cut gaskets and quality o-rings providing innovative solutions to mechanical seal problems. We’re finding better ways to serve our customers all the time. In addition to our expanding line of industrial mechanical seals, we’re updating and upgrading this web site to provide you more information about our company and our products.

metal bellows high temp seals

High Temperature Metal Bellows Seals

  • A narrow cross sectional design allows use in a wide range of pumps
    without pump modification.
  • No Springs to clog!!!!!
  • Metal Bellows seals seal with Flexible Graphite instead of a rubber boot or o-ring allowing it to be used applications over 500 degrees F.
  • High strength bellows ideal for demanding applications.
metal bellows mechanical seals 609
high temperature metal bellows seals chart

High temperature metal bellows seals are possible through the use of flexible graphite or Grafoil®
flexible graphite. We offer both. Besides being built with a more durable double ply, flexible graphite
is used in place of an o-ring. Because flexible graphite by nature does not have elastomeric
recovery a back collar is employed which is tightened to cause radial compression on the pump shaft,
sealing it tight.

The temperature range metal bellows seals is always limited to the ability of the secondary
elements. Flexible graphite is generally good to 850 F. However if the atmosphere the seal is running
in contains less oxygen than breathable air, the point of carbonization is raised. In steam flexible
graphite and hence metal bellows seals with flexible graphite are good for 1200 F.

A basic characteristic of flexible graphite is it’s 0 – 14 ph range. If you require an extra durable
chemical seal the seal designed for high temperatures is ideal.

We can offer welded metal seals that will last longer in the field resulting in less pump down time,
less loss production and fewer labor costs, saving you incalculably.

Manufactured under an ISO-90001 system, maintaining the quality of the materials, and workmanship.

We also offer General Service Metal Bellows Mechanical Seals.

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There is no sealing device more expensive than a cheap one.

We are unique.  Most distributors are tied to one major line and promote only that line.  We offer multiple lines because no one sealing company is good at, or most cost effective in all the product segments they offer. Let us help you get the most for your money.

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AS&P cuts gaskets, distributes a wide range of seals, repairs mechanical seals, stocks sheet gasket material & pump and valve packing braided packing.
Stocking and representing quality lines like AS&P, Durlon, Lamons, Thermoseal, Grafoil, AST, Vulcan but not U.S. Seal Mfg.


Mechanical Seals

The most common question we get is what should i use, Pump Packing or a Mechanical Seal?

Packing is excellent in a wide range of applications. The factors to consider are is leakage acceptable, and what cost target are you trying to stay under in the short term and long term. Mechanical seals are generally more expensive initially. However the longer you keep your pump in service, the more cost effective a mechanical seal can be. Most packings must leak an average of 6 drops per minute (with the exception of flexible graphite), to lubricate the shaft. American Seal & Packing stocks both packing and mechanical seals, and can help you decide what is best in your application.

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