Flexible Graphite

Flexible Graphite has been the biggest key to developing government fugitive solutions. Gaskets, mechanical seals, valve stem packings, pump packing are made using this unique material.


Seal Products

We have been solving sealing issues since 1989. Not only do we know our products, but we know the product lines of Durlon, Utex, AST, Lamons, Garlock, Thermoseal, Teadit, Grafoil, Flow Serve and many other high-quality fluid sealing products.

Graphite sets are another specialty!

For over 30 years we have produced flexible graphite sets to solve industries problems.  Flexible graphite’s unique properties make it a solution to high temperature applications.  Because flexible graphite is so malleable it will conform to irregularities making it the perfect sealing material. With very few exceptions (sulfuric and Nucleic acid), flexible graphite is compatible with most chemicals.


Braided Packing made of Flexible Graphite

Braided Packing

We stock multiple versions of flexible graphite packing including with carbon corners, with some Inconel, and with Inconel wrapped around each yarn.

Graphite Pressure Seals

Custom Shapes

High pressure seals with metal end caps to contain high pressure and prevent extrusion.

Graphite Valve Packing sets
Graphite packing set with Graphite end rings
flexible graphite

Mechanical Seals

New applications or mechanical seal replacements of your existing seals, we have solutions.

Pump and valve packing

Pump / Valve Packing

Sealing pumps and valves with  quality industrial packing.
PTFE, Graphite, Kevlar,  GFO

Chevron vee packing

Vee Packing

Still  a staple to sealing valves and pumps, we stock many sizes and materials.



From simple Nitrile o-rings for oil to PTFE, Viton, EPDM, Silicone, Neoprene, Kalrez and others.

Blue Non-asbestos gasket material

Durlon 7950 / 8700 Blue Non-Asbestos Gaskets

Durlon Blue non-asbestos grades are excellent general service gasket materials. Available with NBR and Neoprene binders

Carbon based non-asbestos gasket material

Durlon 8300 / 8900 Carbon NBR Gaskets

For high Temperature applications a carbon based non-asbestos holds up to 925 F

High temperature non-asbestos gasket material

Durlon 8400 Phenolic / NBR Gaskets

This unique non-asbestos gasket material holds up well in pulp and paper and chemical applications

Expanded PTFE gasket material

Durlon 8600 Expanded PTFE Gaskets

EPTFE gaskets require very little load to creat a seal.  Great in glass lined pipes, and just about any chemical application.

flexible graphite Gasket material

We provide the very best in gasket materials. After over 30 years of dealing with every type of industry and solving gasket sealing applications from each of them, we know our stuff.

Brands we offer:

Durlon – Gasket Resources – Thermoseal – Klinger – FMI – Sepco – JM Clipper Utex Industries – Armstrong –  Grafoil – Garlock – Teadit


Mechanical Seals, Gaskets, O-rings and Seals

Seal Specialists

AS&P cuts gaskets & distributes a wide range of seals, repairs mechanical seals, stocks sheet gasket material & pump and valve packing braided packing. Stocking and representing quality lines like AS&P, Durlon, Lamons, Thermoseal, Grafoil, AST, Vulcan but not U.S. Seal Mfg.


Mechanical Seals

The seal products we offer are far broader than we have been able to place on this website. In general if it is a mechanical sealing device, we probably make, inventory or distribute it.

When it comes to sealing devices, they range from the simple (like an O-ring) to a complex mechanical seal for a pump.  Since 1989 we have been in the business of finding applications and providing solutions that satisfy the customer’s needs at a reasonable cost.  We were among the first companies to take our business online (1994). Prior to that, we have helped to pioneer the use of flexible graphite as a replacement for asbestos gaskets and seals.

Our product line is not limited to any one manufacture or type of seal. Through experience, we have learned what seal works best, which manufacturer makes the best product in each product segment, and how we can provide the best product for your money.

With the co-operation of America’s strongest raw material suppliers, our quality is as good as any and better than most.  Currently, the majority of what we sell is Made in USA. To be cost effective for our customers, we do offer mechanical seals from France, Single spring seals, Lip Seals and Expanded PTFE from Asia, and highly engineered mechanical seals of German design. Because we stock goods, we often can ship our seals the same day.

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