Cartridge Mechanical Seals

We offer multiple brands of cartridge seals. Rather than offering just one brand we pick the best value and designed seals for your pump and mixer applications.

Cartridge Seals

Mechanical Seals

Cartridge seals are the least expensive improvement you can add to your plant.  The consistency they provide in the quality of seal installation saves millions in labor and replacement seal costs.  50% of in-line (non-cartridge) seals fail due to poor installation.  Install it with too much compression and the seal prematurely wears.  Install the in-line seals without enough compression and the seal leaks and must be reinstalled.  Cartridge mechanical seals take all the guess work out.

AS&P, AST, Delta, Flow Serve, Latty, Utex, Vulcan.  Each of these companies provides quality seals. Where we have value is in providing the technical support and recommendation of what brands product is best for your requirements.

The process usually begins when the customer tells us what they want.  Often the brand, the materials of construction, and the style is already known.  If you want a John Crane metal bellows seal, we will supply it.

Other times the application is known, but the seal is still inside the pump and the records of what was put into the pump last don’t exist.  That is where we can help.  Armed with the application parameters, and the style of pump we may have the solution.

Some customers just send us the seal from the pump.  Not only do we repair seals, we can also replicate hard to find seals.  When we identify your seal, we have the capability to improve its performance.  By replacing Carbon, Ceramic, 17-4, or Niresist with  Silicon Carbide or Tungsten Carbide your seals can run 5 to 10 times longer.  Ordering the upgraded repairable seal, and a replica of the improved version of that seal gives you 2 seals for the price or one and a half.

Installed Cartridge Mechanical Seals

Below is a shortlist of our most requested Cartridge mechanical seal types.  If you don’t see the brand or model you are interested in just let us know.

ASP-1100 Single Spring Cartridge Seal

  • The ASP-1100 is a tried and proven design used in industry for over 50 years.  No measuring required. Slide it on and bolt it in and your seal is installed.  The large single spring is difficult to clog, making it a common seal in waste water treatment plants. 

 ASP-SCS Single Cartridge Seal

  • The ASP SCS single cartridge seals are fully pre-assembled.   By making all of our seal faces “hard faces” your seals will last up to 5 times longer.  Our import seal protects your budget.

AST 70 Single Cartridge

  • Field Rebuildable
  • No Measurement Required
  • No Shaft Fretting
  • Easy Impeller Adjustment
  • Hydraulically balanced
  • Shaft Speed to 4500 FPM
  • Temp Range to 500 F (260 C)
  • In Stock!

AST 80 Double Cartridge

  • Field Rebuildable
  • Instantaneous Leakage Control
  • Built-in Environmental Control
  • Double Seal
  • Tandem Seal
  • Double balanced
  • Temp Range to 500 F  (260 C)
  • In Stock!

AST 7023 – Hot liquid Seal

  • API Plan 23 (ANSI Plan 7323) is the most reliable and economical way to cool a seal.  The sealed liquid is circulated from the seal chamber (not the pump discharge) through a cooler and back to the seal. Since only the liquid around the seal is cooled, the heat load on the cooler is minimized and process energy is conserved.  

Metal Bellows Cartridge

  • The SEPCO LTC Low-Temperature metal bellows cartridge is a single non-pusher, rotating welded metal cartridge design.


Sepco HTC High-Temperature Metal Bellows Cartridge

  • The SEPCO HTC is a cartridge metal bellows seal using grafoil secondary seals to handle elevated temperatures without any adverse effects.

Sepco XRS Split Seal

  • The XRS is a combination of a two-piece rotary and a two-piece gland/stationary. O-rings and gaskets are factory installed and do not require user attention. This assures factory tested leak free secondary sealing components.

    The SEPCO® XRS has a balanced design that allows for pressures up to 300 psi (20 Bar). 

AST 80M Dual Cartridge for mixer

  •  Easy Installation
  • Built-in Environmental Control
  • Field Rebuildable
  • Large internal clearances
  • Hydraulic Double-Balanced
  • 400PSI max to 28in Hg Vacuum
  • 500 F (260 C)

ASP Type 19 Mixer Seal

  • Misalignment/Run-out – to + .125″ (.250″ total)
  • Preset double cartridge design
  • No minimum stuffing box requirements
  • Springs are isolated to prevent clogging
  • Pressure Double Face + 300 psi
  • Single Face + 450 psi
  • Temperature -40° F to + 550° F
flexible graphite

Mechanical Seals

Single Spring, Multi-Spring, Metal Bellows, and Cartridge Seals

Pump and valve packing


High quality pump and Valve Packings from quality name brands

Chevron vee packing


Nitrile / EPDM / FKM
PTFE molded or machined



FEP encapsulated, Viton, Buna, EPDM, PTFE, Silicone, Kalrez

Compression Packing for pumps and Valves.

mechanical seals


We stock Viton, FKM, Nitrile (Buna-N), EPDM, Neoprene, Silicone, Kalrez and PTFE o-rings.

PTFE Joint Sealant

Expanded PTFE with a peel and stick adhesive is the perfect seal solution when you don’t have a pre-made gasket.

mechanical seals

In-line Metal Bellows

We offer both general service and high temperature versions.  O-ring sealed and Grafoil Flexible Graphite wedge sealed.

There is no sealing device more expensive than a cheap one.

We are unique.  Most distributors are tied to one major line and promote only that line.  We offer multiple lines because no one sealing company is good at, or most cost effective in all the product segments they offer. Let us help you get the most for your money.

seal repairs


This seal was used in a high-temperature application in a refinery.


Once cleaned the set screws, Tungsten Carbide face, and Grafoil wedge were all replaced.  This seal went back in service.

We provide the very best in gasket materials. After over 30 years of dealing with every type of industry and solving gasket sealing applications from each of them, we know our stuff.

Brands we offer:

Durlon – Gasket Resources – Thermoseal – Klinger – FMI – Sepco – JM Clipper Utex Industries – Armstrong –  Grafoil – Garlock – Teadit


Mechanical Seals, Gaskets, O-rings and Seals

Seals Specialists

AS&P provides sealing solutions with a wide range of mechanical seals. The term mechanical seals applies to face seals, and  lip seals.  We are stocking a wide range of each.  We also are stocking and representing quality lines like AS&P, AST, Durlon, Lamons, Sepco, Thermoseal, Grafoil,  and Vulcan.


Want a packing that will last?

Our Ameri-lon packing is a proprietary blend of graphite and PTFE. Compatible with most Chemicals resistant to abrasives.

Mechanical Seals

The most common question we get is what should i use, Pump Packing or a Mechanical Seal?

Packing is excellent in a wide range of applications. The factors to consider are is leakage acceptable, and what cost target are you trying to stay under in the short term and long term. Mechanical seals are generally more expensive initially. However the longer you keep your pump in service, the more cost effective a mechanical seal can be. Most packings must leak an average of 6 drops per minute (with the exception of flexible graphite), to lubricate the shaft. American Seal & Packing stocks both packing and mechanical seals, and can help you decide what is best in your application.

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