ASP-21C Mechanical Seal

This seal design is popular in wastewater, power generating plants, irrigation and general industry. Due to its low cost and high reliability, original pump manufacturers specify this style of mechanical seal more than any other.


Seal Products

The 21C mechanical seal is manufactured from stamped stainless steel. These are inexpensive versions of the type 1E and are the most common seal used by pump OEM’s.

ASP-21 Mechanical Seal

asp 21 description

Operating Limits

  • Temperature Range:
    -4F to 212F (-20C to 100C)
  • Pressure Range: 200 psig
  • Speed Range: To 2,500 fpm, to 3,600 rpm
T21 Short.ASP 2

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ASP-21C Single Spring Seals

  • Carbon/Sic/TC Seal face
  • Ceramic /17-4/Nireist/GFPTFE Sic/TC / Bronze – Stationary
  • Rubber boot – EPDM, AFLAS, FKM, Buna-N
  • Stainless Steel metal parts
  • Temp range to 450 F
  • Available in a Double Configuration
  • Speed to 4000 FPM
  • Pressure to 400 PSI
Single Spring Cartridge

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Single Spring Cartridge Seal

  • Single Spring Seal
  • Difficult to clog
  • Easily Repairable
  • Gland/ Sleeve Included
  • Inexpensive
  • Pressure to 400 PSI Pumps
  • Hard faces available
  • Buna/ EPDM / Viton / Aflas

Mechanical Seals

The most common question we get is what should i use, Pump Packing or a Mechanical Seal?

Packing is excellent in a wide range of applications. The factors to consider are is leakage acceptable, and what cost target are you trying to stay under in the short term and long term. Mechanical seals are generally more expensive initially. However the longer you keep your pump in service, the more cost effective a mechanical seal can be. Most packings must leak an average of 6 drops per minute (with the exception of flexible graphite), to lubricate the shaft. American Seal & Packing stocks both packing and mechanical seals, and can help you decide what is best in your application.

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