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      Mechanical seals, Compression packing, Gasketing, Gaskets, O-Rings

          We specialize in Mechanical Seals, compression packings, gaskets and o-rings but to be a full  service seal company, we also repair
          mechanical seals from most seal companies.  Below you will find a list of our product offerings:

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Braided Pump & Valve Stem Packings

Mechanical Seals for Pumps  

Gasket Materials  

GRAFOIL® Flexible Graphite 

Spiral Wound Gaskets  

Mechanical Seals for Compressors 

Made with PTFE  Resin

High Temperature Seals 

Rubber & Metal Expansion Joints

O-Rings- American & Metric Size

Tadpole Tape

Injectable Packings

 Mechanical Seal Repairs

 Die Formed Packing

 Custom Spiral Wound Gaskets

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V-Packings with PTFE Resin

Lubricants made with PTFE Resin

Textile Products

Cut Gaskets

Lip Seals


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